What is Re-Keying?

Rekeying,rekey,re key,re-key,re-keying,Re-keying is changing a lock so that the cylinder functions with different pins, which allows it to be operated with a new key. Re-keying is often performed when a property owner is concerned that unauthorized people possess keys to the lock. Therefore, the lock may be altered by a locksmith so that only the newly produced keys will work.

How Does a Re-key Work?

Re-keying involves readjusting the internal moving parts of the lock so that it functions with a different key (rendering the previously used keys no longer functional). To rekey a lock, a locksmith removes the cylinder and changes the pins. Simply put, a re-key allows you to keep your old lock, while providing you with new keys. 

When Is It Done?

Re-keying is generally conducted when an individual wishes to restrict access to his/her property from individuals who have the key currently used to operate the lock. If you are looking for a way to secure your property, re-keying will allow you to regain control over who has a working key to your corresponding locks. Overall, re-keying a lock is not only a cost-effective method to enhance your sense of security, but can also augment the operation of your lock as a whole since standard lubrication maintenance is commonly provided along with the re-keying procedure. Additionally, unless a lock is entirely malfunctioning or is of a different style than what you wish to have installed on your property, many current locks can be re-keyed and kept in service.


Re-keying Locksmith Services

Given the urgency associated with re-keying and preventing unauthorized individuals from entering a property, our locksmith expertise is always available for those who wish to service their locks.

Our Locksmith Astoria team offers reliable, professional emergency services. Our expert locksmiths are fully compliant with the Astoria (Queens) and New York State regulations. Contact us today for a re-key estimate, or for any other lock-related inquiries. 

Do You Want To Rekey Your Lock?

If you enjoy working with your hands and want to save some money, you can try to re-key your own lock. You will need to remove the lock cylinder and change the pins. Use a re-key kit from a home-improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Before you purchase the kit, be sure to know the brand of your lock (e.g. Schlage, Kwikset, and other similar deadbolts). Read the instructions on the kit manual carefully! If you are having trouble, you can also look for help on Youtube by searching for a video by the title: ‘How to re-key your lock.’