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Residential Locksmith Services

If you are a homeowner looking for the best residential locksmith, Locksmith Astoria is the right choice for you. Your home’s location, home security requirements and your budget all affect the locksmith services you require. At Locksmith Astoria, we know that you have needs different from those of commercial clients and that is why we provide tailored residential locksmith services.

Door Lock Installation

From your garage door to your back door, Locksmith Astoria can install any kind of lock anywhere. Whether it is a simple dead bolt or an electronic lock complete with keycards, Locksmith Astoria can install, maintain, repair and change it all.

Residential Re-Keying

When you move into a new home or office, changing all the locks on the doors is highly recommended. However, at Locksmith Astoria, we know that this is rather taxing both financially and timely. That is why we offer re-keying services, allowing you to change every lock without changing the lock itself.

With a new set of keys on hand, we can simply rekey your lock for you. We change the lock combination on every door and provide a brand new set of keys that can open them. As stated, we change every lock without ever having to change the very lock itself.

CCTV Systems

With the introduction of affordable Camera Systems, homeowners were able to protect their home more than ever before. Not only were they able to monitor for suspicious activity, requesting help if needed, CCTV systems helped provide the proof needed to arrest burglars.

At Locksmith Astoria, our experts not only know how to install Surveillance Camera System but position the cameras in a way that it provides maximum protection.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems provide an additional layer of protection to nay home. Effectively allowing you to see and speak to the person at your door, Our exprianced technicians at Locksmith Astoria gives you the power to let in who you want to and keep out those who are not meant to be on your property.

Residential Safes

Many of us have personal belongings at home that are virtually irreplaceable. Hiding them under the bed or in the closet may not be a good idea as that is where burglars first look. As such, Locksmith Astoria provides the best alternative; residential safes. Powerful, safe and always hidden, homeowners can store their valuables without ever worrying about them getting stolen.

Emergency Lockout Services

While we all strive for perfection, we are after all, only human. As humans, we tend to forget our keys at work or even in our home, effectively locking us out of our own homes. Regardless of whether it is 3pm or 3am, our emergency residential lockout services ensure that you are never locked out of your home for too long.

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Safe Services

Homeowners have a lot of personal belongings they wish to protect from burglars and even natural disasters. Business owners usually require the same, with the addition of cash within the office. For both cases, and more, LocksmithAstoria.net believes that these items are best protected by a safe. Hidden and easily accessible by the owner, they represent the best in personal item protection.