Re Keying

Locksmith Astoria provides lock re-keying services in Astoria, Queens, NYC. Lock re-keying is the sophisticated and specialized process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape or size, rendering any current key sets incapable of access. Rather than replacing entire latch systems when keys are misplaced or lost, re-keying is a more efficient form of protection, preventing and regulating any unwarranted entry, and alleviating any anxiety associated with misplacing keys.

Rekey Locks

If you want to be adventures and save some money, you can try to rekey your lock, change your own locks by removing the lock cylinder and changing the pins. Buy a Rekey kit from one of the stores like Home Depot or Lowes. You will need to know the brand name of your lock, if it’s Schlage, Kwikset or any other deadbolt, and to read carefully the instructions. You can also look for an online youtube movies ‘How to rekey your lock’.

How to Rekey a Lock